Holographic Rentals

FLEXIBLE Rental Plans.

At Yoongli, our success is measured by the stunning visual outcomes that we build for our clients. As experts in advanced 3D holographic displays, we not only design captivating graphics on your behalf, but also advise you on how to maximize foot traffic, impressions, and conversions.

Additionally, we offer 360° installation support with end-to-end remote and on-site setup options. Upon completion, you’ll be left with a holographic masterpiece that reaches your audience on a deep emotional level.

Holographic Assistants

Previously only available in Sci-Fi movies, our holographic assistants establish brands as industry frontrunners. Complete with AI, these virtual projections recognize voices and communicate with your audience for a truly unforgettable experience.
Our holographic assistants are ideal for:

The only limit is your imagination. Reach out today and let’s discuss how we can bring your newest brand ambassador to life.

3D Catalog

Whether in-store or at your next trade show, imagine if prospective customers were willing to look through each and every one of your products with scrupulous attention-to-detail. Our holographic catalog displays your products as gesture-controlled holographic images with crisp resolution.
Our 3D catalog is designed for:

Say ‘hello’ to more sales. If you’re ready to put the spotlight on your products, ask us about our 3D catalog today.

Virtual Slots

Slot machines have the power to bring out the inner-child within even the most serious business decision-makers, potential clients, and prospective customers alike. Our virtual slots provide an elevated gaming experience that associates your brand with fun, excitement, and positive memories. Our virtual slots are designed to:

When your booth features virtual slots, your audience will feel the excitement in the air. Reach out to our dedicated support team for more information.

Wall Displays

Stop potential customers and clients in their tracks with our immersive wall displays. With 40” and above sizing options, this revolutionary holographic display stands out at trade shows, storefronts, corporate conferences, product launch events, and more.
Our wall displays are designed to:

Are you ready for an influx of traffic? Our wall displays are made to be seen and outdo even the most creative competing marketing campaigns. Get in touch to learn more about our placement advice, two-way shipping, full-service installation support, event-day support staff, and custom content creation. Our ultimate goal is to make your brand POP.

Solo Displays

If you can think it, we can project it. Our solo displays project custom-tailored holographs that turn heads, attract crowds, and spark curiosity. This cutting-edge 3D technology creates a floating effect for your chosen image, leaving onlookers with an unforgettable viewing experience.
Our solo displays are ideal for:

We create your custom content, provide on-site or remote support, offer two-way shipping, and advise you on the perfect display placement. Of note, solo displays come with optional cloud support for remote content management and are available in both 56 cm and 75 cm sizes. Get in touch today and be sure to ask us about our discounted pricing for multiple units.

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