Holo-Booth Creation

Holographic Booth Creation

At trade shows, product launch events, sales engagements, and beyond, first impressions count. At Yoongli, we design, implement, and set up visually captivating booths that get your brand noticed. In turn, we leave our clients with stunning holographic displays featuring fully customized projections.

Our Process

We build immersive trade show booths backed by advanced 3D technology in just 3 simple steps:


Once we have a thorough understanding of your brand image and conversion goals, our design team goes to work building a memorable holographic booth that stands out amongst the crowd.


Before your trade show or event kicks off, we provide on-site installation services to ensure the optimal placement for each booth element. All that’s required of our clients is showing up.


Throughout event-day, we continue to provide on-site support for any technical assistance that you may need. Upon completion, we disassemble and remove your booth without your team lifting a finger.

Yoongli Advantage

With a proven track record building dynamic visual displays and experience, our team offers full-spectrum booth creation services that generate results. We go beyond other booth builders, providing more than the structure, lighting, and graphics alone. In turn, we combine services that usually require multiple vendors, saving thousands in equipment and installation costs. Our 3D holographic booths leave onlookers with an unforgettable visual experience every time.

What to Expect

By partnering with Yoongli, you can take confidence in knowing that 360° of the booth building process will be completed on your behalf with the best possible version of your vision in mind. We proudly provide:

Depending on your booth’s size requirements, we offer small, medium, and large options of varying widths and heights.

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